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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions. It is an established healthcare profession much like occupational, physical and speech therapy using music as a medium to obtain the goals of each individual. Music therapists use treatment techniques that are directed towards functional therapeutic goals to address the needs of individuals of all ages.

Music Therapy Services:

Group Sessions

Individual Sessions

Adapted Instrument Lessons:

Traditional instrument lessons can be a challenge for different learners. Adapted lessons are modified using adaptive devices, color coding, and other creative solutions, to fit the needs of the musician.  

Karate with Witek Sense-able gym 

music therapy sense-able gym

Class Descriptions:

Individual Music Therapy Session (All ages)

In a one on one (therapist and child only) environment, live music interventions are tailored to the clients individualized needs. Cognitive, physical, behavioral, social, and emotional skills are addressed using age appropriate music activities. Musical preference is taken into account to ensure maximum progress and participation.

Mommy & Me  Melodies (Ages 0-3)

Classes for infants, toddlers, siblings and preschoolers include songs, instrument play, and movements that encourage musical, social, physical, and emotional growth and developmental learning. Rather than a prescriptive curriculum, the class defines an “order of experiences” aimed at enhancing important skills such as organization, communication, and interaction. Songs used include: bonding songs, social songs, gathering songs, and transitional songs.

Sense-Able Melodies (Ages 3-6)

Peer interaction based music classes that include songs, instrument play, and movements that facilitate musical, social, physical, cognitive, and emotional growth and learning. Sessions include: greeting songs, individual and shared instrument play, movement songs, speech and communication activities, and songs for academic concepts. 

Group Music (Ages 6-10)

Music classes to enhance social interactions that include songs to build communication, cognitive, emotional, and motor skills, among others. Children will participate in structured group music making, active movement songs, and songs for academic concepts such as reading and spelling.

Group Music (Ages teen-young adult)

This group engages adolescents in creating a cohesive musical experience with their peers. Self-expression, music preference, and creativity are all explored within this group. 

Heart-Beats Drum Circle (Ages 6 & up)

Therapeutic drumming allows for individuals to express themselves creatively without the use of words or traditional communication. Facilitated drum circles are a fun and interactive way to get your child engaged with others. Explore your personal rhythm within a collaborative and supportive environment.