Do you always have open gym?

Open gym hours for our gym are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Please check Facebook regularly, as hours may change due to inclement weather, or special events.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit but we are best suited for children up to average sized 10 year olds. 

Is the whole gym open for use?

The gym is open during open play unless there are classes or therapies going on when you come to play. We may have to close the far back of the gym, or the sensory room for classes or therapists. 

Who do I pay if my child takes music, Tumbling Circus, or speech at the gym?

You would pay your instructor or therapist. We will offer you a discounted open-gym membership so that your child can play in the gym before or after therapy as long as your therapist is able to be there should play time be during the gym's closed hours.

What if I’m taking Sense-Able Gym’s classes?

You would pay us, and we have several different affordable membership options for classes and open gym play.

Do you take insurance?

The only person with the ability to take insurance and Medicaid at this time is the speech therapist. This is why our prices are so incredibly low. You will find Sense-Able Gym’s classes, music therapy, and Tumbling Circus, are some of the lowest in the area. We are all certified, and/or degreed in one specialty or another, but our desire to serve as many people as we can in our community is why we work so hard to keep things as affordable as possible. Your insurance may offer you rebates or you may be able to claim tax deductions if your child is taking classes here, depending on your employer.

Can I drop my child off at the gym while I run errands?

If your child is enrolled in a class, you can drop your child off while he or she is taking the class, but you must fill out a medical release, and return before the class is over.

Do you have people watching the kids while they play?

We always have people on our gym floor, and in the art room as needed. Our employees are there to make sure appropriate social skills are being built and adhered to along with safe play practices. Our employees also work with your children on gross and fine motor skills, goals, or milestones. We also do a staff guided circuit or you can have your child do a circuit designed for their specific needs. During open gym, it is ultimately the parent's/guardian's responsibility to watch your child during open gym hours.

What happens if my child has a meltdown?

Meltdowns or tantrums (as we do see them as being two different things) are not judged. Whether a child has a special need or not, they struggle with strong feelings and how to express them in socially appropriate ways. This is why we are here. We want to be that safe place in which your child can learn socially appropriate behaviors, and we all learn best when in the moment! Your parenting as far as how you personally handle your child’s meltdown or tantrum isn’t judged either. Our biggest message here to the parent is that there is no judgment!

How do you handle difficult behaviors in your gym?
Our expectations and rules don’t change per child, but because every child is different, every child is handled in a way that would ensure they understand. We practice consistency across the board, meaning the same rules apply whether they are in school here, or are simply coming in for open play.

Is this gym only for children with special needs?

Our gym is set up much like an occupational therapy center making us perfect for children with special needs, but we are here for all children. Children of all abilities and ages play in the gym and equally enjoy their time. Our goal is to create an environment of empathy, kindness and inclusion. We want every child who walks through our door to know that they are cared for.  

Sense-able Gym Questions

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