​                                         NOW ENROLLING IN PLANO  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​*Now Enrolling for Fall 2017*

Sensational Kids is moving to Plano! We will now be Sensational Kids on the Creek, located within Spring Creek Academy, in the Nelson Building. This exciting development has allowed us to open 14 more spots for enrollment!

Sensational Kids is an early childhood, play and sensory based program, offering Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten Readiness, and Kindergarten classes to the gifted and twice gifted child.

Our focus on social/emotional development, age appropriate development of fine/gross motor skills, a strong introduction to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), while also encouraging the development of civic and environmental responsibilities, gives your child a strong foundation to grow on!

Sensational Kids Home School Academy

Our new location can be found within Spring Creek Academy, in The Nelson Building. This move has opened up 6 new spots for enrollment!

We are a homeschool support program for the gifted and twice gifted child, 5 to 9 years of age. Our focus is on social and academic support. Your children will participate in hands on activities with other home schooled children, while practicing the skills they are being taught at home. We also do enrichment lessons in history, science, and art.

Little Hands, Big Strides 

A class that incorporates both fine and gross motor activity, based on developmentally appropriate stages. Classes offered Tuesday-Friday

Creative Kids Art

This goal of this class is to open children's minds to the process of making art. Our focus is on open ended art projects, using a variety of materials, and supplies. We explore all types of art, from sculpture, to paintings. Classes offered Friday.

IEP and Therapy Goals

If your child has an individual education plan, and/or SP/PT/OT goals, we will be happy to meet with you, review your child’s goals, and then set up a plan of action. We then will design a personalized plan with activities that will provide your child with the tools necessary to succeed. We will be available by appointment to help your child work through the personalized plan, and we will provide you with activity instructions for home or use in the gym. We will review the plan often for changes and adjustments.

Day:  By Appointment


At Sense-Able we offer tutoring for children of all abilities up to 4th grade. While we are here to offer home-work help, we will also work on concept building. If the child is struggling with homework, it is usually because somewhere along the line, they have missed an important step in learning the overall concept of the material presented in the classroom.Through concept tutoring, your child will not only be able to complete the homework they are given, but will have developed an understanding of core concepts.

Day: By Appointment

Sensational Kids' Home School Academy

If you are homeschooling your child, and find you need help in certain areas, please call us. We have a certified teacher who can do anything from helping you plan your curriculum, to providing homeschool extension classes. Our extension classes include lessons in science, history, and academic work on material your child is struggling with. Also included with this class is Creative Kids art, and Sense-Able Movements. Ages 5-8 years of age 

Day:  Thursdays 1:30-3:30



​          214-790-6953

6000​ Custer Road, Plano Texas 75023