​​​     I am a certified teacher with over 15 years of experience working with children on all ability levels, from age 18 months through high school. The idea for Sense-Able Gyms Sensational Kids program was formed over 5 years ago.  We brain-stormed ideas as to how we would set our classroom up in order to provide the best sensory experience and play based educational experience for our children.  

    I’ve carried this passion for creating the perfect sensory center, for many years, and have added more dreams to the mix along the way. IEP/Therapy tutoring, ARD Advocacy, homeschool assistance programs, academic concept tutoring, sensory integration programs, art, music therapy, dance, Karate, adaptive yoga and speech therapy. This goes way beyond your typical classroom environment, so how could I make this happen for children on all levels of the developmental spectrum? 
     Sensational Kids was born from my need to create opportunities for all children, and a community of support for parents. My passions stem from children I’ve taught in the past. Some being on special education watch lists, or students being labeled ADD or ADHD. Often, all these children needed were small, easy to implement classroom accommodations, one-on-one tutoring, and a good sensory motor program. In many instances, the child didn’t have ADD or ADHD at all, but simply needed more time to mature and grow. In other instances, there was another issue at hand that would not have been found without more intense evaluations.     My goal is to provide children and parents the tools they need to be successful at home, in school, and in the community. Along with meeting these goals, I am committed to providing a safe place for children to form friendships, play, and explore the world, because after all, the world is one huge sensory experience!

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